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Oxiplate is experimental and features described here may not yet be implemented, or may be implemented in a different way.

Template syntax

The syntax for templates is similar to many other systems, but the terminology may be slightly different.

A writ is an expression wrapped with {{ and }} that will be evaluated and output into the template. For example, Hello {{ name }}! may become Hello Luna!.

A statement is wrapped with {% and %} and includes variable assignments and control structures. See the statement section for a list of possible statements.

A comment is text wrapped with {# and #} that will be removed from the final template, but can be useful to the template designer(s). For example, {# None of this text would show up in the final template. #}.

Whitespace before and after tags can be removed or collapsed. See the whitespace control section for more information.

Anything else in the template is considered static and will be left as-is.


Extends and block

{# layout.html.oxip -#}

<!DOCTYPE html>
<main>{% block content %}{% endblock %}</main>
{# your-content.html.oxip -#}

{% extends "layout.html.oxip" %}

{% block content %}
  <h1>Your content</h1>
  <p>Goes here...</p>
{% endblock %}
<!DOCTYPE html>
  <h1>Your content</h1>
  <p>Goes here...</p>


struct YourStruct {
    autofocus: &'static bool,
    minlength: &'static Option<u64>,
    maxlength: &'static Option<u64>,
    id: &'static str,
  {{_ autofocus ? "autofocus" }}
  {%_ if let Some(minlength) = minlength %}minlength="{{ attr: minlength }}"{% endif %}
  {%_ if maxlength.is_some() %}maxlength="{{ attr: maxlength }}"{% endif %}


  {% for name in names %}
    <li>{{ name }}
  {% endfor %}


Whitespace control

Whitespace (spaces, tabs, newlines, etc) that comes before a tag can be removed by appending - to the open sequence ({{-, {%-, or {#-), or collapsed to a single space ( ) by appending _ to the open tag ({{_, {%_, or {#_). The same is true for whitespace that comes after, but by prefixing the close sequence with the whitespace control characters (-}}, -%}, or -#} to remove; _}}, _%}, _#} to collapse).